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The village is located at the side of Sainte Croix Lake and Defens Hill???s abrupt edge. In the south, the Cuguyons range, and the Mocrouis eastside delimit the town. Near Fontaine-l???Evêque source (which is engulfed today) there was a Neolithic funeral vault. The Ancien Roman road, from Frejus to Riez, was passing near the Ancien « Bauduenjium », and its track has been certified by the military. Let???s say it once and for all, Bauden is THE place to visit ! Not only for its magnificient environment, near the lake, but also because the village being on the hill???s side, it is absolutely compelling, and everyone will understand it ! Bauduen has another asset : you will find a few campsites around the village to spend time with your family. It will make your staying really pleasant in this nice village, and enjoy activities like mountain bike, swimming at a lovely beach. You won???t find groceries in Bauduen, but you will still enjoy your time there.

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Check out - Sainte Croix lakefront - The beach down the village. What to know Lovely beach at the lake. It is packed during the summertime, you may prefer to enjoy it in June. Contact Tourist Office Phone : + 33 4 94 84 39 02


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