La Palud sur Verdon

Population : 321 inhabitants

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La Palud sur Verdon

The touristic village, 935 meters high, is know for its « route des Crêtes » (ridge road) and its panoramic viewpoints on the Verdon Gorge between Moustiers Sainte Marie and Rougon. The Baou crosses the town and gets to the Verdon. The Verdon offers various landscapes. Esparron Lake has a wild environment, Sainte Croix Lake is almost Mediterranean, and La Palud sur Verdon will show you a landscape reminding of the Alps. Ideally you should get to the village by passing through Moustiers Sainte Marie and admire the Verdon between the two mountains. Then you will arrive to the village for lunch and enjoy some fresh air. La Paul sur Verdon is worth the trip because it???s extremely ??? relaxing ???

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Check out - La Pauld castle - The « Point Sublime » (not to far) - Notre-Dame-de-Vauvert - The surroundings What to know After the gorges road, you will easily find something to eat. Contact Tourist Office Phone : +33 4 92 77 32 02


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