La Verdière

Population : 1 297 inhabitants

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La Verdière

At the east side of Montmeyan, La Verdière is a village with lot of small narrow road, and a castle overlooking and watching the village (it???s open to the public some days). La Verdière is a really pleasant stop-over before the Verdon Gorge. It???s a nice moment to have lunch on the main avenue. It feels like holliday. La Verdière has a lot of curiosities, like a Xth century castle, the Assomption parish church, the aqueduct and other surprises. The problem is the village???s situation, at the very east of the natural park of Verdon, so far from the major touristic attractions (gorges, lakes ???)

More about the village

Check out - The castle - The Assomption church - The aqueduct What to know * Contact Town Hall Phone : + 33 4 94 04 12 10


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