Moissac Bellevue

Population : 263 inhabitants

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Moissac Bellevue

Five kilometers away from Aups and three kilometers from Régusse, the village is located on a 579 meters hill overlooking a vast agricultural plain. To the north, the Defend hills and the Cuguyons range, and south the forest of Pelenq, frame the plain. Moissac Bellevue overlooks the valley. Its name comes from Ancient Rome. You will get the « Bellevue » (litterally « Beautiful view ») once you arrive. Moissac is a small village with a limited touristic interest unfortunately. But it still has a very nice view on the valley. So, before going back on the road to continue your trip, you should enjoy the calmness of the village and have a drink in a café terrace, listening to the fountain water and admiring the beautiful view. And don???t forget the usual visit of the village.

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- The square place fountain - Notre Dame de la Roche Church - The clock tower What to know Uninterrupted view on the valley.
Town Hall Phone : +33 4 94 70 16 21


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