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Between Riez and Moustiers Sainte Marie and on the Valensole, plateau, Roumoules is hidden in the plants and surrounded by nice wheatfields. You will enjoy visiting it once off the main road. It???s a typical Provencal small village, with little streets, a church, fountains (especially a very nice fountain on the square place). A peaceful village, but quite badly located, because Sainte Croix Lake is not easy to reach from Roumoules. However, it???s always nice to find tranquillity in front of the small cities around, and to have a convenient place not too far. Plus, you will find quite cheap summer rentals if you research a bit.

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- Saint-Martin-d???Alignosc Castle - The parish church What to know *
Town Hall Phone : +33 4 92 77 85 02


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