Gorges du Verdon


The village down the mountain, « Grand Marges », overlooks Sainte Croix Lake, and the access to the Verdon Gorge. Two rivers cross the town : Verdon and Artuby. Plus, the vast communal territory has many remarkable places : the great canyon of Verdon, Canjuers plan, Canjuers sinkholes, Vaumale source, Sainte Croix Lake and Grand Marges mountain. Aiguines is worth visiting, to enjoy not only the view on Sainte Croix Lake, maybe with a drink, but also to wander around the village, admire its castle. If you have the guts you can also go see the small Saint Jean Chapel. From there, the best thing to do is to keep going on the GR4 path and enjoy the Provencal scents and the view.

Population : 251 habitants

Superficie : 114,43 km² km²

Check out

- Aiguines Castle
- Saint-Jean et Notre-Dame Church
- Up the village, Saint-Pierre Chapel

What to know

Very nice village with a nice view on the lake. Note that the castle cannot be visited.


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