Gorges du Verdon


To get to Angles, take the perpendicular road from Saint André les Alpes to Saint Julien de Verdon. After a hundred meters you will get to Angles, a small village at the extreme East of the Verdon natural park. Once at the village ??? a relaxing impression of calm ??? no noise, no traffic, only this Alpine air ??? a surprising experience. You don???t go to Angles for the swimming to Castillon Lake (forbidden in the town domain), and maybe not for its monuments. You will go to Angles to rest, and it will be one of your favorite towns for it in the natural park of Verdon. A must-see. Ideal. For hike enthusiasts, enjoy a few walks in the relief reminding of the Alps nearby.

Population : 72 habitants

Superficie : 9,83 km² km²

Check out - Castillon Lake - Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Honorat What to know * Contact Town Hall Phone : + 33 4 92 89 08 54



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