Gorges du Verdon

Artignosc sur Verdon

Sat on a hill, this village is an interesting architectural set within a rolling landscape, framing Verdon and Quinson Lake. The village is quite secluded and has no major touristic interest, unfortunately, except of course its old houses and its church. However, Artignosc is a nice village to stop by and have a snack before going to the lakes nearby for a good swim. You will get to have a well-deserved rest, and your kids will have fun. For old stones and country hikes enthusiasts, prefer other villages known as more interesting, Baudinard sur Verdon and around there for instance.

Population : 238 habitants

Superficie : 18,53 km² km²

Check Out - Artignosc Lake - Quinson Lake close by What to know There is a lake very close where you can rent a paddle boat to go back up the Verdon. Contact Town Hall Phone : + 33 4 94 80 70 04



Maison des Gorges du Lac | 06 32 96 69 80


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