Gorges du Verdon


After taking a winding road, you will get to the top of the pass where Brenon is located. Right after first sight you will be charmed by this small village with an Alpine look. The plants, the air, the heights ??? everything you will see around you in Brenon is like a small version of the Alps. You won???t go to Brenon for its tourist activities or monuments and castles, but rather to walk around the village and enjoy the peaceful landscape. The best thing to do is to have a picnic, appreciate the moment on the top of the village, and maybe have a relaxing nap. After a walk maybe you can go down to Comps sur Artuby to finish your day, and have a drink in a café terrace. You will appreciate your time there. At last, Brenon is an unpretentious village, but you will be seduced by the charm of its landscape.

Population : 27 habitants

Superficie : 5,59 km² km²

Check out * What to know You should have a picnic on the hill at the top the village, the view is very nice. Contact Town Hall Phone : + 33 4 94 85 69 31



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