Gorges du Verdon

Castillon Lake

Castillon Lake???s surface area is second right after the Sainte Croix Lake. This subtly charmful lake receives some fresh air from the Alps nearby. Enjoy a deep breath !br> Two villages are surrounded by the lake: Saint André les Alpes and Saint Julien du Verdon. You will enjoy the first one???s beaches. Upstream, it provides the best spot to jump into the water. The second, Saint Julien du Verdon, will make you appreciate its picturesque charm, typical of a Provencal town and the pleasure of swimming nearby.

Population : * habitants

Superficie : km²

Castillon Lake is quite different from Sainte Croix or Esparron lakes. It shows another face of the Verdon Landscapes??? diversity. Enjoy it to make your holliday complete in the region with emerald-likes waters.



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