Gorges du Verdon

Comps sur Artuby

Between Clare Mount and Lague Mount, you will discover the Jabron and Verdon valleys, the Artuby canyon and La Bruyère Clues. Comps sur Artuby is 900 meters high, around a rock supporting Saint-André Church. The old fortified village was formely on the rock. The town has many hamlets outside the village center. More than half of the town territory, including the hamlets of Chardan, Saint-Bayon, Sauvechane or Doureisse, are in Canjuers Camp, the biggest military camp in Europe. The village is at the exit « Gorges du Verdon » and on the road bewteen Trigance and Draguignan. An ideal place to enjoy one last time the Verdon country. Is Comps sur Artuby kind of secluded ? Yes and no. You will need to drive a few kilometers to visit the Verdon Gorge and more to see Sainte Croix Lake. So it???s not the best place to visit Verdon, but it will remind you of other low mountain villages, like we can see at the beginning of massifs. Its location will please those seeking for isolation (but still not too much), vast lands and countryside, plus sun.

Population : 320 habitants

Superficie : 63,49 km² km²

Check out - Saint-André Church - Saint-Jean Chapel - The bad bridge (« Le mauvais pont ») - The haunted house - Notre-Dame Chapel What to know For long stays, plan groceries. Contact Tourist Office Phone : +33 4 94 76 90 16



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