Gorges du Verdon

Esparron Lake

Esparron is an impoundment lake. The water was held back after erecting the dam of Gréoux, on the Verdon. It is located near the village Esparron-de-Verdon in the Alps of High Provence, not far from Gréoux or Vinon sur Verdon. Esparron lake is a very nice outdoor activities center, for water sports and fishing. As for the Verdon waters, it is forbidden to use motorised crafts, but you will easily find paddle boats and electric boats on the shore. Different from Sainte Croix Lake, Esparron lake offers an outstanding landscape : craggy, wild and mysterious. When you arrive from the heights, you will be surprised by its particular setting, completely different from any impoundment lake in Verdon.

Population : * habitants

Superficie : km²

You will enjoy getting to the bottom of the valley by the road, unless you???re well-informed and dare walking on the steep path down to the lake. Like we always say, the wilderness is what gives the lake???s charm. Along with Sainte Croix Lake, a place to see and enjoy.



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