Gorges du Verdon


Rougon village overlooks the « point sublime » and the Verdon Gorge. The village offers you an outstanding panorama view. It???s fantastic. You can still find this height atmosphere in la Palud sur Verdon nearby, and Castellane a few more kilometers in the opposite direction. Rougon will be a choice stop and a very charming village to visit en enjoy. Between walks, hikes, and maybe vultures seeing if you???re lucky, Rougon will be a relaxing and suprising break. Even though you won???t have grocery stores in Rougon (Castellane isn???t far) that???s not what you came for, and you will easily forget your everyday life routine when you go down to the Verdon front to enjoy walks and a dream panorama. You will have a great pleasure seeing Rougon. Don???t forget to go see the « point sublime » and the Couloir de Samson (Samson???s Corridor) panoramic viewpoint, about a hundred meters away.

Population : 125 habitants

Superficie : 35,83 km² km²

Check out
- The « Point Sublime » - The walks and paths around the village. What to know The « point sublime » is down the village. Snack bar with view on the valley.
Town Hall Phone : +33 4 92 83 66 32



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