Gorges du Verdon

Saint laurent du Verdon

The village is sat between Quinson and Montpezat. You will enjoy the tranquillity of the place, surrounded by sunflowers and cereal fields. Saint Laurent du Verdon doesn???t really have a touristic interest, and if you need to stop by, it will be short. That???s too bad. If you stop there longer, enjoy going to the small charming washhouse down the village. The interestings points are rather Quinson Lake and Artignosc Lake nearby.

Population : 92 habitants

Superficie : 8,89 km² km²

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- The dolmens - The castle remains What to know One of Verdon bends makes a nice lake near Saint Laurent.
Town Hall Phone : +33 4 92 74 57 47



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Ciela Village - Camping La Farigoulette | 04 92 74 41 62


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