Gorges du Verdon


In the « Alpes de Haute Provence » department (Alps of High Provence), Valensole is easy to access when you go out of the highway, Oraison exit if you come from the North, and Manosque if you come from the South. Valensole is close to Riez but opposed to Trigance and Comps sur Artuby. Valensole is on a hill between the Valensole Plateau and Notre Dame Valley. The town is very vast, on of the largest in France, and has different « floors ». A lovely village with a name evoking summer, sun, idleness. The main street is down the village, with many cafés and restaurant as charming as it can be. The very pleasant noise of the fountain makes the atmosphere peaceful. The village is a bit far from the center of Verdon. But it doesn???t mean it???s not interesting for vacationers who want to visit the Verdon Gorge and enjoy the waters of the Esparron Lake (the closest) about ten kilometers away by road. You will have to drive more for Sainte Croix Lake.

Population : 3 049 habitants

Superficie : 127,77 km² km²

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- Bars Castle - Saint-Denis Church What to know Many hike paths around the village.
Tourist Office Phone : +33 4 92 74 90 02



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